Electric Powered Siphon Pump


Product Description:

Electric Battery Syphon Powered Pump - This Cordless water pump will move water for you! Just dip the end into the water and press the on switch, and this remarkable lightweight pump will draw water through the pipe and pump it out of the hose.


About the product

  • Eco-friendly; high-quality: Fuel transfer pump is made of food-grade plastics PP and PE. The gas pump can extract gas, water, oil, and other non-corrosive liquids. Siphon pumps can be used for garage, aquarium, home, yard, and so on.
  • ▶Power upgrade: The fuel transfer pump can move 10-11 quarts of gasoline per minute; the Liquid transfer pump can move 6-7 quarts of water per minute. The motors of the siphon pump have a long service life. The motor of the gas pump is low mute, and there will be no noise to bother you.

  • ▶Easy to use: Fuel transfer pump requires two "D" size batteries (not included). Switched it on, the siphon pump can move liquid. Press again, Liquid transfer pump stopped.
  • ▶Good sealing: In the middle of the fuel transfer pump, where black and white are connected, there is an overflow outlet. When the gas pump starts work, there is a small amount of water flowing out from the overflow outlet it is a very little possibility, if have, this is normal. The other parts of the siphon pump are well-sealed and will not leak any liquids

Ideal for thousands of uses around the home

  1. 💥Emptying water butts
  2. 💥Draining ponds and paddling pools
  3. 💥Emptying and refilling fish tanks, aquaria
  4. 💥Emptying bath water for use in the garden
  5. 💥Clearing flooded basements and other areas
  6. 💥Lightweight and portable, fitted with a handy hole for wall


  • Move liquids safely and easily with this convenient handheld pump
  • Pumps gas, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids
  • Use in garage, aquariums, home and yard
  • Pumps up to 6-7 quarts of liquid per minute
  • Requires two "D" size batteries (not included)

 Note:The battery is not included in the package. It is recommended to use the following batteries.


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  • This product has 2 year's warranty. If you find any quality problems, feel free to contact us.
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