LidLock-Adjustable Jar Opener

No jar is too tough to open any more

Some jars are just too well sealed for us to open alone. LidLock is the only opener your household needs, quick, sturdy and universal, it can take care of every jar in the kitchen!

LidLock adjusts easily to the different-sized lids you’ll encounter. When you lock it to the lid one twist is all it takes to open even the tightest seal without breaking a sweat!

You don’t have to worry about sliding or loosening thanks to anti-slip grooves lining the handle. With some force and help from LidLock nothing will be too challenging to open!

Why LidLock is for you

Effortless openings-Is the stubborn old jar giving you trouble, easily untighten the sealed lids with one simple clip and twist!

Fitting every need- The jars and bottles come in different sizes, LidLock adjusts to every scope and size to make every opening a seamless one!

Done in a snap- You don’t have to put your strength up for a challenge anymore, no jar will be a challenge when LidLock does the twisting!

LidLock is the ultimate choice-Stop tiring your hand by closing and opening the lids, leave the heavy work to LidLock and never burden yourself again!

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