Pearly Matte Eyeshadow Palette Kit - 99 Colors

The Only Eyeshadow Palette You’ll Ever Need

The classic eyeshadow colors don’t give you the variety you need to be different! Our Brazilian-themed palette has all the vibrancy and glamour you need to look unique every day!

The opulent shades come in 99 vibrant colors, giving you new ways of expressing yourself and creating glamorous looks for the upcoming carnivals and midnight parties!

This eyeshadow kit is a must-have for the summer, it packs all the colors you’ll need to compliment your natural beauty or completely transform your vibe and facial looks!

Why This Eyeshadow Palette Kit is for you

Mesmerize the crowd- Become the queen of the carnival, style your face with a vividness that will get you all the right attention!

Transform your appearance- Shift into an entirely new you, give yourself a Brazilian-themed makeover that will make everyone go “WOW”!

Never look the same- You never have to wear the same face again, enjoy countless ways of enhancing or tuning your facial beauty!

The ultimate choice- There are 99 vibrant reasons why this is the palette for you and a hundred more once the carnival season starts!

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