Signal vest

BE SEEN IN FRONT AND BEHIND: Secure your trips thanks to its 2 panels with LEDs. Finally, Report your changes of direction for all vehicles located in front of or behind you. Especially effective in round spots and crossroads, cars will give you more quietly. 

DON'T LIFT THE ARMS: Avoid falling (especially on a scooter) by keeping your hands on the handlebars, thanks to the easy-to-install wireless remote control, which you can detach from the handlebars. 

MORE SAFETY IN THE RAIN: Thanks to its waterproof, you can ride in rainy weather where the risk of accidents is higher. 

ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: Thanks to its elastic straps and adjustable side straps, you can take your stuff with you, regardless of your morphology.

USB Rechargeable Battery: This visibility vest is equipped with a USB rechargeable battery, which can be changed simply through connecting to your computer or mobile power bank with a USB port.

The Safe LED Signal Pack has Widely Application:
Bicycle Backpack with Lamp Security LED Turn Signals great fit for outdoor activities.
1) Running, cycling, dog-walking, jogging, car safety, motorcycling and horse riding, and other activities.
2) It's the safest option for visibility when traveling roadside day or night.
3) Also great for roadside construction workers, tow truck drivers, traffic directors, and parking attendants,s, etc.
4) It is an amazing gift! Get one for the cyclist or jogger you want to keep safe!

Keep You Safe on the Road
Be visible from far away and easily spotted in front and behind, especially in poor light conditions through the integrated LEDs in the back. Switch between different Signals by pressing the button on your handlebar.

Clear Steering Indication
This Turn Signal Reflective Vest provides a number of Signals to alert Drivers on the road what you are about to do: Move forward, left, right, or stop.

Adjustable and Easy to Wear
The elastic buckle allows you an easy up and down and quick release. The LED Turn Signal Vest is fully waterproof and will keep you protected both day and night. You will find it an indispensable addition to any run or bike ride.

Quick Installation of the Wireless Remote Control
Activate all the Lights of the vest wirelessly from the handlebar of your bike. It is easy to attach to the handlebar or wherever is convenient. The remote operating distance is 120 Inches.

Material: Poly and EVA
Color: Green/ Dark Grey
Size: Approx. 10.0”*9.0”*0.9”

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